UK 49s Lunchtime Results For Saturday 10 July 2021

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I am here with UK 49s lunchtime results for today(10 July 2021). You should update about all the recent developments related to teatime draws.

I’m updating here the latest results for today(10 July 2021)

UK 49s lunchtime results for Today:

10 July 2021 2 17 22 26 40 42 1

This is the more  fact that 5 of the winning numbers of UK 49s teatime draws are winning worth especially 9, 13, 15, 18, and 46. 46 is the most drawn number from those five numbers.


However, number 18 is also the most common booster ball in a batch of numbers. From 1 January 2020, Both are were booster balls.

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Hot and Cold Balls:

According to the results of UK49s tea time, The most commonly drawn Winning numbers (Hot balls) Largely remain the same over the year. These are the numbers for Hot Balls 12, 14, 42, and Cold Balls:18, 30, 38.  12 is also the least frequently drawn number That has been drawn 2174 times.

In the meantime, over the past four weeks, the top three balls have been 24, 28, and 48, with 15, 13, and 12 draws, respectively. The cold balls have been drawn four times each, four times by the same number, and one time by the same number, respectively, for the past month.

Combination of UK 49s lunchtime winning numbers

So, here is my own trick that I use to play. Focus on your own game, don’t worry about luck or the number generator.  Choose the right combination of numbers that other people ignore.

Finally, we hope this information about the UK Teatime results from today has been helpful for you. If you want to increase your chances of winning, buy a lottery ticket and enter the upcoming results also.

For the principal game, players must select six different numbers from the list {1,2,...,49}; in the Lottery draw, six of these numbers are selected at random as "main" numbers, and a seventh is also chosen (the Bonus number). Players win some prize if their selection matches at least three of the main numbers.

Uk 49's is a twice-daily draw that takes place at lunchtime (12.49) and teatime (16:49 Oct – Feb and 17.49 Feb - Oct) every day. Times may vary so please check with your bookmaker daily. Six numbers plus a bonus number, known as the "Booster," are drawn from balls marked 1 to 49.

Playing from South Africa

  1. Select an online betting service or bookmaker which offers 49's Lunchtime odds.
  2. Choose to play either a six-number draw or a seven-number draw. ...
  3. Choose how many numbers you want to try and match, between one and five.
  4. Choose what those numbers are from a range of 1 to 49.

To play UK Lotto, you must select six numbers between 1 and 49 and match them with the six winning numbers drawn on Wednesdays and Saturdays. A Bonus Ball is also selected from the remaining 51 numbers, but you do not have to select a Bonus Ball number.

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